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Representin’ The D!

It’s that time again! Time for the boys of summer to begin their season. We’re talkin’ bout Miggy, JV and the rest of the Detroit Tigers. Their home opener is Monday, April 6…that’s only a week away! And nothing says Spring like the start of a new Tigers season. One…

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Joy and freedom

3 Steps to Appreciation

Last week I told you about how gratitude opened up the door for me to live my dreams. Essentially, more gratitude equals more joy. But where does one begin? You may be going through a rough patch, an illness, or even a time of hardship. You may be feeling like…

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piggyback fun on spring break or summer vacation

Student Spray Tan Promo

Spring is almost upon us and you know what that means? Spring Break!!!! Shed your winter doldrums and get that healthy glow back with a full body spray tan from One Salon. Now until the end of April, One Salon is offering $10 off full body spray tanning to all…

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Gratitude: The Bridge to Your Dreams

I specifically remember the day that I felt so much gratitude that it almost felt like I was in an alternate universe. I was so overcome with joy for where I was at that exact moment that it didn’t even feel real. I wondered “How can life get any better…

One Salon Boutique / EcoSqueeze

Phyllis Garabedian is the creative for force behind the amazing EcoSqueeze products available in the One Salon Boutique. She has been recycling and salvaging since her youth, even before it was fashionable. Though not formally trained, her experience throughout many years has given her eyes the ability to see beauty…