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Pacinos The Barber

One Salon Designers Abbey Nichols and Andrea Favot recently visited Detroit for an opportunity to learn from Pacinos the Barber also known as Eric Roa. His story is inspirational; Eric “Pacinos” the Barber …is a Queens, New York native who migrated to South Florida in 1986. He took an interest

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The One Salon Boutique is now featuring brand new merchandise from STITCH248!
Two full-time moms short on time, one inspired friend with an eye for design and all with a passion for fun fresh fabric. That’s STITCH248, from just outside of Detroit and they hope you love their bags and…

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Finding the right designer

Finding the right hair designer can be very stressful and difficult. Not unlike a doctor, dentist or even a personal trainer, finding the right hair designer is a highly personal thing. Of course, you want to make sure the person is qualified and an expert at what they do. That…

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Off The Grid

Alyssa Wethington has not had her hair cut or colored in over three months. How can this be? Her older sister, Lauren, is a designer at One Salon. Well, Alyssa has a legitimate excuse. She was off the grid. No, really, I mean literally OFF the grid. Alyssa has spent…


15% Off Products!

Today is the first Friday of April and you know what that means!!!??? All professional salon products are 15% off. Running low on Morrocanoil? Come in and pick some up. Have you been squeezing your bottle for the past week trying to get out that last drop of Kerastase shampoo?…